NATO – A brief summary of my position

I want an independent Scotland.

I want nuclear weapons off Scottish soil and out of Scottish waters.

I want an independent Scotland to co-operate constructively with international partners on defence.

I want an independent Scotland to have a meaningful role in the debate about world nuclear disarmament.

I want an independent Scotland not just to be safe and secure, but also to feel totally safe and secure.

For all these reasons I will be supporting the resolution by Angus Robertson at conference on NATO.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “NATO – A brief summary of my position

  1. Bill Ward

    I strongly disagree. Scotland can lead the world by disarming trident, but not as part of NATO. Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have proven this. No to NATO and no to ‘New SNP’.

  2. Just A. Punter

    Bill Ward has some very good comments. I agree. Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands manage quite well without nuclear weapons on their soil.

    ‘New SNP’ Now there’s a point.

  3. omgtrampolineDavid McGowran

    People talk about affecting change from within. The problem here is that it is not you who changes the system but the system which will eventually change you. Usually there is nothing wrong with compramise in a situation but compromising yourself in a situation is another story completely.

  4. Bill Duff

    Ireland our nearest independent neighbour is non NATO and feels very safe. Remember NATO got us into Afghanistan mess!

  5. Alasdair Reid

    Pete, these are not arguments for supporting the resolution, they could just as easily be used against supporting it. I sat on an internal party review of the defence policy a decade or so ago with Angus, Roseanna, etc.. I argued at the time that the Partnership for Peace relationship is as close as we need to get to NATO. Being part of NATO implies, amongst other things, committing to spending a fixed share of GDP on arms – I’d much rather spend that money on education, innovation and decent public services. More fundamentally, NATO was and remains a nuclear alliance. I will not support any attempt to put future Scottish defence forces under the control of such an organisation. Getting Trident and all nuclear weapons and power out of Scotland is a defining basis for me being a member of the SNP since I was a boy. The resolution will do nothing to strengthen the case of independence in the minds of voters. If you really believe your last line above, then you really have to make a much stronger case and Angus needs to stop quoting opinion poll evidence, it’s not clever.

  6. David McCann

    As a lifelong the anti nuclear supporter, I have to say that my first reaction to this resolution was to reject it out of hand. However, on reading the last paragraph, I am prepared, at least to listen to the arguments and make my mind up on the day.
    I reproduce it here.
    “An SNP Government will maintain NATO membership subject to an agreement that Scotland will not host nuclear weapons and NATO continues to respect the right of members to only take part in UN sanctioned operations. In the absence of such an agreement, Scotland will work with NATO as a member of the Partnership for Peace programme like Sweden, Finland, Austria and Ireland. Scotland will be a full member of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) of the European Union and the Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE).”

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