2685970092There’s just one year to go to the referendum and now is the time to up the passion and shout out about what we are hoping to achieve.

What we want is a country of our own. One run by Scots, for Scots and always in our interest. A nation with a Government we always vote for delivering the priorities we always choose.

We will run an independent Scotland better because we care more about Scotland. We, of course, care more about Scotland than the Westminster Tories and with independence we will never again have a Tory Government without our democratic consent. No more picking on our vulnerable and imposing years of austerity against our wishes. No more bedroom tax or Labour’s illegal wars and no more of Labour/Tory weapons of mass destruction defiling our beautiful country.

We know what independence is not about. We will keep the pound, the monarchy and retain our bilateral relationships. We will ease pretty seamlessly into our new independent status and the day after we secure our country for ourselves, our lives will be pretty much the same as the day before.

What will change is that all of this will be ours. Our nation will belong to us for the first time in over 300 years and nothing can be more exciting and transformative than that. We can change what we want and if things aren’t working, we can do things differently. It’s all in our own hands – with independence we are the masters of our own destiny. As the UK pulls in the direction of an alien and anti-Scottish UKIP agenda, we will make our own course, reflecting our own sense of community and our own values.

More than that, we will regain our national self respect and dignity. Scotland can stand tall in the world knowing that we are responsible for ourselves with no one else to blame for any mistakes we may make. We will be joining the world as an equal partner and we have a massive contribution to make. We are the Scotland that invented so much of the modern world and we will be an independent Scotland that has so much more to offer the world as a new independent and equal partner.

Our relationship with the rest of the UK will be improved. Our 300 years of British partnership is an important and crucial part of our Scots story and that will continue to inform us as we write our own new chapter. We will enjoy our British partnership as an equal partner and we will bring a new energy to that relationship.

This is our only chance. We may never again get this opportunity again. Let’s raise the passion. Let’s get excited. Let’s talk about the huge opportunities. A country of our own. The people of Scotland responsible for ourselves.

10 thoughts on “A COUNTRY OF OUR OWN

  1. charlesobrien08

    Now just get the rest of the people to at least have a read,and think a wee bit,although some have selfish ambitions for themselves and our country.It is there to be won a freedom fight that is bloodless only Scotland can do this,maybe more by our example but it is up to us to show the way.

  2. Alison Lindsay

    Positively good. I can barely wait for the Scottish people to take care of this richly beautiful environment . our children’s future and our frailer and older peoples’ deserved comfort. The talents of our skilled adults can educated our children; run the NHS, fire, police,ambulance and Council services; farm, build, manufacture and provide for all our needs as creative, innovative, entrepreneurial citizens in a well governed society of equals. Yes please.

  3. david mcgill

    An honest and personal contribution and yes! very positive, The only bit I didnt like was he said there wouldnt be much change! Of course there will and for the better too when the will of the scots people is put into action in parliament. Every party thats serious about power will have to have a progressive manifesto for change. What a chance for ALL parties that really need to to re-invent themselves and become relevant to Scotland again! YES!

  4. Stevie

    Nicely said Pete – I sincerely hope this is the tone we are adopting.

    The truly important thing to do is to offer a positive vision for what we’ll do with Scotland. One thing I would like to see is a programme of re-industrialisation in a context of trade unions, government and business working together to fill manufacturing niches.

    On a constitutional theme, I’d like to see guaranteed for the first time in history in a constitution is the right to: shelter, food, water, clothing, education; healthcare and electricity — these things are almost within grasp anyway but what a statement that would make to the world if it were enshrined in a written constitution.

  5. Malc McGookin

    Fine and eloquent comments, and they have been made often, and before you were even born. This idea that an independent Scotland would be an Equality, Fraternity, Liberty, kind of deal with the yoke of Westminster thrown off is an old one. What most of the Independence voters don’t realize is that much of Scotland is LEGALLY owned by foreigners, and much of Scotland is populated by the very same mindsets that set up Eton, Harrow down South. We have the SNP to thank for the decades of misery that we suffered under Thatcher. There IS such a creature as the Tartan Tory. That creature will be very much more visible if Scotland does achieve independence, because a wall of privileged, well-heeled, right wing Scots are not going to sit around for crumbs off the table when the Inevitable happens – there will have to be a Revolution of French proportions. When THAT comes along, just watch the fur fly. Scots have had the English on hand to hate for hundreds of years, and they provided a handy Aunt Sally, but the biggest enemy of Scots have always been other Scots.
    I was born a proud Scot, in Scotland. However, my father served in the British Army, in a regiment and a technical trade that did not require a kilt, nor a Glengarry.
    I am a Scot. And I am left-wing, anti Monarchist Republican British. I have a clear political fight of my own to carry out, within Britain. I also live and work part of the year in Australia.
    We now live in a post WWII Europe that seeks to open trade increasingly between European countries, and despite the skirmish involving Nationalists in the Balkans, each seeking their own little patch for their own people, there has been peace among EU members for nearly 70 years, and a promise that, despite economic meltdowns, no-one is talking about fighting anyone else.
    Does Scotland wish to join the Eurozone, yet withdraw from the UK? Do Scots wish to turn their backs on their nearest neighbour, yet forge future economic ties with Romania?
    The truth is, many English are already looking to move to Scotland in a bid to escape what they regard as a massive flood of immigrants. Scotland (as they see it) is a place that, after Independence, can easily be persuaded to seal borders and institute the immigration policy that they wish England had done.


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