Dear Constituent – thank you for writing to me concerning the many issues to do with Brexit.


Dear Constituent

Thank you for writing to me concerning the many issues around Brexit. At the time of writing this response the future of the whole chaotic project remains uncertain. I will endeavour to write to you again when things become clearer but this is what I have been doing on your behalf as your Member of Parliament in the past few weeks.

My immediate priority has been to stop the prospect of a no deal Brexit. A no deal departure would be the worst possible outcome bringing significant economic disruption, raising concerns about food supplies, medicines and the availability of fuel. In Parliament I have supported the successful efforts to secure the Benn Act which would legally oblige the Prime Minister to seek a further 3 month extension denying him the prospect of a quick no deal departure. I have also supported the actions in the Court of Session and the Supreme Court to have the suspension of Parliament declared unlawful. I was pleased when this was successfully upheld and I was able to return to Parliament to work on your behalf.

What underpins my whole approach to Brexit is the desire of this constituency to remain in the European Union. My view is the best deal we have is the deal that we currently enjoy as a full member of the European Union. Perth and North Perthshire did not vote for this Brexit and I have taken that as the mandate to oppose any deal that would make my constituents worse off.

The next few weeks will determine the conclusion of this divisive project and we should know what the future of Brexit holds. The Prime Minister is still determined to leave by the 31st of October with or without a deal – though he is yet to explain how this is possible with the legal constraints of the Benn Act. Beyond that there will almost certainly be a General Election which will in all intents be a ‘Brexit election’. I will be standing again as a strong and determined voice against Brexit and I hope to continue to make the case against Brexit if successfully returned. 

Thank you for getting in touch and I look forward to writing to you again. 



1 thought on “Dear Constituent – thank you for writing to me concerning the many issues to do with Brexit.

  1. Kangaroo

    Dear Representative,
    Thankyou so much for being a champion of Scotland for so many years we are all really pleased to have you as our MP.
    Here we are on a bright sunny October day wondering how much longer the Brexit fiasco can go before we finally have a resolution on the matter. In contemplating I note the following
    Boris must send a letter to the EU to request an extenstion to the A50 process as otherwise he will do jail time, not something I would be upset in any way to see but it does give one some comfort contemplating him in the slammer. So I do think he will send the letter.

    The EU can then say a) No b) Yes c) Yes with a different end date or d) Yes but only if a GE or PV is announced before 31st October. There are not really any other options that are sensible.
    With Boris having 288 “no deal” MPs and a PV having the vexed question of what to have on the ballot paper it simply won’t fly.
    A “No” answer puts real pressure on MPs to vote for Mays WA before 31 Oct. A “Yes” kicks the can for a few months then your back here again. Similarly a change of date does the same. A “yes” with a GE or PV as a rider puts pressure on the MPs to force a VONC.
    So for my money its a GE and Boris will romp home. Then he can choose a deal, likely “no deal”.

    Then what? Scotland has several choices at that point, I know what I would do and its not a “Can we have a S30 Boris, pretty please”.

    I look forward to your response.

    Concerned citizen.

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