It’s 4am on the morning of the Seventh of September 2018 and the final declaration of the second Scottish referendum has just come in. Highland has voted for the proposition that ‘Scotland should become an independent country’ and Scotland will now leave the union. The overall result is a convincing victory for the independence side of 58% to 42%.

Scottish independence supporter

The disconsolate looks on the ‘Scotland in Union’ side dramatically contrasts with the ‘Better Together’ campaign in 2014. The Yes2 campaign are just simply overjoyed. Leader of the union side, Ruth Davidson, has long conceded whilst campaign director, Alan Roden, is dispatched to the media to deliver a message of acceptance and conciliation.

The closing weeks of the campaign had indicated an even bigger victory for independence but the large leads that Yes2 had commanded was tempered by ‘the offer’ in the last few days of the campaign. Headlined in the Daily Record as ‘the offer we can’t refuse’ the ‘offer’ was a carbon copy of everything that the SNP Government had asked for in its differential EU arrangement that was so roundly rejected in the early months of 2017. If we voted to stay in the UK we apparently would now secure single market membership, powers over immigration and even a new undefined ‘devo-max’ arrangement. It was the classic too little, too late, too been there before.

When the SNP Government first said it would hold another independence referendum following the rejection of what is now just simply referred to as ‘the Scottish EU solution’ there was huge resistance to any further plebiscite in London. Defiantly refusing to allow a further Section 30 Order Scotland responded with outrage. Opinion polls immediately pointed to a double digit indy lead with the Scottish Government saying it would hold a referendum anyway. As tensions increased a compromise was agreed whereby the UK Government would grant a Section 30 Order if it was allowed to determine the question and set the date. The Scottish Government reluctantly agreed and the date of 6th September 2018 was fixed. The UK Government optimistically believed that, by then, a convincing Brexit deal would be concluded and it would be something that the Scots would be able to support. This time there would be a dual option referendum to stop a Yes campaign – Should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom? Or Should Scotland become an independent country? Campaigning started immediately.

The independence side simply and defiantly called itself Yes2. With so much of the previous indyref infrastructure still in place the joint leaders of Yes2, Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, let campaign co-ordinator Kevin Pringle get on with a campaign that was long planned. Chair of Yes2, Henry McLeish, put together a formidable board of civic Scotland and the most far reaching engagement with Scotland’s public started apace.

Scotland in Union’s birth wasn’t quite as straight forward. When it was announced that Ruth Davidson would lead the campaign Labour initially refused to join. It took a fractious special conference of Scottish Labour before they eventually decided to participate in a cross party campaign. Many Labour activists refused to take part and key Labour figures said that this time they would be voting for independence. With their own electoral and leadership woes in the rest of the UK, Labour simply didn’t feature as a force in the second referendum. The battle this time was characterised by Yes2 as a battle between social democratic Scotland and the Westminster Tories.


There were other problems for Scotland in Union. The UK Government were consumed with Brexit and it was not going well. The hard Brexit was becoming ‘bargain basement Brexit’ as negotiations with EU leaders broke down. As the relationship with the EU soured EU leaders were increasingly making it clear that a pro EU Scotland would be more than welcome in its club.

What existed of a union campaign centred round the well rehearsed economic and currency themes of the previous independence referendum. They were easily dealt with by Yes2 who had spent months considering its new approach to these issues. Despite the best efforts of the Scottish press the scaremongering this time also seemed ridiculous, having been tempered by experience. The suggestion that an rUK wouldn’t trade with an independent Scotland was simply laughed off as the UK was finding it hard to secure a deal with any significant country.

The union side were also hampered by the fact that they couldn’t present themselves as a status quo option this time. Yes2 carefully framed the contest as a choice of two very different futures which both presented opportunities and risks. Would Scotland be better off in a Brexitised Britain or would we be better off taking decisions ourselves with the full powers of independence? Scotland was already beginning to witness the crafting of the new soon to be out of the EU Britain with the success of UKIP in the many by-elections following all the Blairite Labour resignations. The ugly side of this new isolation in the treatment of child refugees and privatisations in the English NHS was becoming only too apparent.

What no-one could properly understand is why the Tory Government faced with the complexities and dangers associated with Brexit just couldn’t respond positively to the Scottish Government’s compromise plans to keep Scotland in both the UK and the EU in the first place? There had been an arrogant view that a) Scotland wasn’t serious about holding a further referendum and b) if we did it would be easily seen off. Those early days of early 2017 now seem a long way off.

As all the deflated unionist activists head home disconsolate they were only thinking one thing – ‘if only we had responded differently when we had the chance……’



    1. Colin Todd

      Me too Sandy, I’m in the winter of my life and this is what keeps me holding on. Please let me celebrate and see what I’ve wanted all my adult life, for my country and it’s people.

  2. Rowdy Yates

    Christ! I hope so. That’s a day I’ve been waiting to see for the best part of 50 years. Truth is, if it doesn’t happen soon I’ll not see it in my lifetime.

  3. gerry parker

    Think you are right about the last minute offer coming from the Scottish Governments paper.
    That will of course be the first time they seriously pay it any attention.

  4. Raymond leslie

    And when it is confirmed, and all the SNP MP,s meet for the last time in the houses of Parliament, and Angus Robertson gives his final farewell speech, all the SNP members in their last act of defiance stand up and sing FLOWER OF SCOTLND with the speaker of the house shouting ORDER…….ORDER whereupon they all start clapping.

    1. Robert Graham

      excellent idea , and pipers at the door welcoming them out of the house of horrors , then a procession to a special train at Euston .i am sure they will get a great reception from the public to cheer them on their way , Ha Ha Aye Right more like eggs and rotten tomatoes Ha Ha .

      1. Jill Parton

        I’d rather they got the train from Kings Cross. That’s where they’ll get the train to Edinburgh.

  5. Jim Robin

    … and another five years on after independence, the Thames Estuary becomes host to what now remains of the Trident nuclear deterrent … and sadly, the Argentinians have finally gained control and sovereignty over their beloved Malvinas and England does not have the spirit or power to resist. An erstwhile proud and arrogant Westminster government is humiliated before the rest of the world.

      1. Robert Peffers

        It actually doesn’t need to be, Jill. You nan berth a submarine anywhere you berth a surface vessel of the same draught. The deep water bit only applies to slipping in and out undetected.

  6. Kevin

    Naturally, I enjoyed reading this, Pete: you are one of my fav kick-ass Nationalists. However, I have to say I’m concerned about how little of our message, our daily debunking and our indisputable positivity, is filtering down to the people who really matter – the ordinary Scottish electorate. Twitter is such a bubble, isn’t it?; WE know what’s taking place in Westminster, Holyrood and local councils, WE see what the Tories and impotent Labour are doing to Scotland, WE all know the BBC is pulling-off a massive confidence-trick on a whole nation but do the non-twits/facebookers? I’m not so sure.

    Just last week I engaged a friend – a ’14 Yesser – and we discussed Brexit etc. This friend knew *nothing* about what’s been happening in this country over the past 12 months or more, things that daily pop-up on my TL – from PFI scandals to Tories lying re NHS Brexit funding to ending the aid to child refugees – In fact, she not only was completely oblivious to the outrage being visited upon Scotland, she used the language of the ignorant Brexiteer to justify her argument. It was only after I’d presented her with a pile of verbal information, countering her ‘Expressisms’ and dismantled her Daily Mail ‘logic’ that she said; “Why aren’t the SNP and others getting this ‘out-there’?”..
    To me, she represents a large section of the electorate – ill-informed, unaware and blissfully ignorant. If they don’t know *now* the carnage being wrought, if they can’t see *now* the hatchet-job, if they don’t hear *now* the gross insults to Scots – and I mean ALL Scots, not just Nationalists – then they will never know and no amount of info will serve a useful purpose – we’re talking about our country here.

    What will the Yes movement have in the way of decent, absorbable material both now and in the run-up to our next utterly crucial, Independence Referendum? Are there any plans for a nationwide Wee Blue Book or similar? I sure as Hell hope so – we’re going to need it, mate.
    I’m concerned that we’re simply not doing enough to inform more people of what’s taking-place both in Westminster and in Scotland, like, right-now. Only because we met and got talking, my lady-friend now knows about 10% of what’s happening, politically, that’ll affect us. She deserves better, all Scots deserve better. If she gets that info NOW and receives it each time a lie is visited upon us, or each time the Tories come-up with another odious action, then perhaps we’ll skate Ref2, but in the meantime, let’s all cross fingers and have a rant on Twitter – there-there, that’s better.
    It’s all very-well me flying a Yes flag in my driveway, or putting a Yes sticker on my rear-windscreen, but what are the high heid-yins doing to confirm to Mrs Smith along the road from me that I’m not a tartan crank with a chip? You got booklets? Give us that stuff – we’ll distribute it. We’ll PAY for it and distribute it. We’ll leave them in surgeries, on buses, on trains, barbers and hairdresser shops, accountants waiting room, pubs, petrol stations, and when the unionists remove them, we’ll still have a stack to replace them.

    In the meantime, thank you sincerely for the important work you’re doing on behalf of Scots.

    1. Jim Robin

      Very well said Kevin – I could not agree more! The other issue that irritates me is the wording on the Referendum paper. MY opinion is that in a second Referendum, it should say: “Should Scotland extend its current governance to cover all issues that affect it, regardless of party politics?” … or words to that effect.

    2. Rory Winter

      I so agree with you, Kevin. A lot of the problem of “Why aren’t the SNP &c” is that Scotland is an occupied country where practically all the MSM is unionist and hostile to Independence. In that we are very much like the East European countries when they were under Soviet occupation. We have no choice but to adopt similar tactics to them by using alternative methods, by-passing the MSM, appealing directly to people wherever we find then, in the street, in the workplace, in the supermartkets and outside the Jobcentres as well as the places you mention. That’s how the YES Movement operated and it was mighty successful. It must happen again and it really should be happening NOW!

  7. David Caledonia

    I want a free scorland, i don’t want to be in any other political union, trade with europe yes, but i will never vote for any scottish government that want’s to keep us in that toxic place they call a european union, and i am a card carrying member of the SNP, have never voted for a Westminster government, and i have been voting for over 40 years , Alba Gu Brath

    1. stewartb

      As we know, it is not in the gift of any Scottish Government at present to choose whether we are in or out of the EU, or EFTA, or NATO or any other international body. All of that is reserved to Westminster, to a government which has only one MP in Scotland.

      So we need self-determination – independence – first, and then David you, I and all the rest of the Scottish electorate can choose to vote for parties with policies that best reflect our views, and which if elected to govern will have the power to act on behalf of the majority of the people of an independent country.

      Apologies if I misunderstand your position. We are so close to achieving self-determination: risking this at this time because some SNP members or other independence supporters happen to agree with the majority in England and in the Tory and UKIP parties on this one, EU membership issue, should not make support for Scotland’s independence ‘conditional’. I find that hard to understand. Indyref2 is about becoming a ‘normal country’ – about empowerment – it is not about deciding on Scotland’s EU policy position for the long term. The electorate in an independent Scotland can decide that for itself at any time in the future – something we cannot do whilst in the UK.

    2. Stuart

      So you will vote to remain in the UK where we have no voice, no power and no dignity, rather than a seat at the top table with all the other independent countries of Europe? Tell me; how has being a member of the EU been disadvantageous to you?

    3. Rory Winter

      It seems you forget the amount of good the EU has done for the Scottish economy through things like its Regional Development Fund. As a former regional councillor in the Highlands I know how much these funds have helped to regenerate a society whose blood had been sucked dry by our southern masters. Did Westminster ever care about the people of the Highlands? Did they hell 😦 You talk about toxic places; what more a toxic place for Scotland and its elected MPs than Westminster??!

  8. Thomas William Dunlop

    “What no-one could properly understand is why the Tory Government”
    Och that is an easy one. The same reason the EU referendum was allowed, how Brexit was allowed to happen, how “modern” Britain is a mess…..

    The Westminster political class is completely useless, incompetent and out of its depth. The parliamentary party system has bred a class of operators that are no more than vote fodder allowed to graze on public finances, who if led to try to work outside parliament would fail miserably (mostly).

    So it will come of no surprise they will make a mess of the EU exit , as well as any rerun of a Scottish referendum

    1. Robert Graham

      if you dont have dreams what do you have , you have a neverending right wing vicious Tory Government for ever , is that your wet dream ?.

  9. bonaparteocoonessa

    Nice to see it down in black and white. I fervently hope you can just do a re-print describing reality in a couple of years.

  10. jacquescoleman

    The article reads very much like a trailer of a YES campaign. It contains much of what I and many others think the campaign should look like. Is the piece an ‘official’ leak of what SNP wants to happen.

  11. Stan

    Clear as a bell foresight Pete plus a few excellent & relevant points from “Kevin’s” comments above. It’s so in yer face it’s still unbelievable that folk still spew out the same old soundbites of ” too wee, too poor” “Spanish Veto ” Cannae see how a border will work” too much constant blah de blah nonsense from folk still stuck in their ways of sucking in main stream media manipulation bullshit. Yip there’ll be another “Vow” plus other broken promises of the past will come back to rehaunt us in the form of a regurgitated hook line & sinker Smith Commision. The Wee Blue & Wee Black Books from W.O.S were excellently compiled & formated in such lamen terms that it would put Peter Rabbit to shame, Kevin’s point about this is imperative to say the least. Personally speaking i never got involved in political think until a good few months before indy 2014, but reckon the tide turned with all the crap in Iraq… Thank you Tony & Georgie boy, what a couple of ***s. Labour lost my vote that very moment. “Word of warning to any Liebour Scotch Branch Yoon Zoomers reading this post – just dinnae come to my door & canvas yer red torie tripe, i don’t have a big dog that would love to bite you but “I’m a well rehearsed Bass Player who can hit the lowest of notes” 🙂 The point made about Faithbook & Twitter, we’ve gotta burst outta of the social media bubble there, i aint on either (now – but just google @plusanyname twitter and hey ho, plenty to dwell on without having a login acc ), so the Mrs Smith’s ‘n “Brians” at the end of yer row out there just aren’t getting the “actual facts” but the “alternative facts – blatant lies” from the usual suspects. But in all honesty i’ve witnessed many a folk like Mrs Smith n’ the Brians who dinnae reallyyyy give a hoot until it hits their pocket and health BIG style, they like the big bake off, the DailyFail ‘n such like tabloids, Jeremy geezabreak Kyle, the radio times, that cringie X Factor which clearly shows who the real winner is, yeahhhh there’s a few who end up on M&S type ads ‘n scrape a few bob together enroute but they wear thin quickly, thank ****. we live in a very fast ‘n gutsy world these days, this requires a lotta food for thought in order to appease the status quo, keep in line now coz yer just cannon fodder happy go lucky chappies, there’s a good fellow ‘ suck it all up – wisnae to hard a decision to unplug myself from all that crap decades ago “if you are familiar with the writings of Joe Strummer then “Clampdown” says it all about my mindset on a lotta issues regardiing the Establishment and their Erminites ! So these days here i sit here with my 20ft flagpole and increasing assortment of flags, got the Admiral/semiphore packs from Lindsay Bruce, got my W.O.S flags, stickers ‘n key fobs, Wee Blue/Black Book pledges, subscribed to the National, avid watcher of BBC Parliament/ScotGov, rigorously refresh my big list of online fav sites, keeping up with every move, got the stickers on the motors ‘n house windows, joined SNP, delivered probably 10,000 leaflets for them in 2015 in the worst of weather conditions, attended the 10,000 hustings @TheHydro, stood proudly centre stage behind A Salmond in his Final Campaign Speech in Perth with my wife, kids, sister, nieces ‘n friends & others – i’m commited & ready to be unleashed at the slightest whisper of Yes2 being triggered, but we’re lagging, BitterTheGither haven’t stopped since 2014, the constant Indy reference from Hoyrood’s Yoon Brigade is designed to manipulate and piss everyone off especialy the Elderly, kinda feeling a bit like i’m on the last gasp stretch of a very long n taught bungee chord here, politics is tooo much of a head***k for most people to get their heads around, it is in my opinion that it’s human nature to feel offended when you are being challenged on your ignorance of facts, many people find it easier to spout out blatant soundbites and walk away with the regard to the matter being closed and is not up for debate or discussion – cloaking device activated – phasers set tae malkie – GTF we awe that crap – “their awe the same” – get my point i’m sure ! So question is, where do i go with my wealth of fragmented factual understandings ‘n armoury of SNP BAD NAZI FILTH MERCH in this ever so fast whirly gig of political theme park of ups ‘n downs ‘n roundabouts… They say patience is a virtue but Oi my rusting brass rings on my tethered flags are wearing thin ‘n fast, question from me is, how much misfortune am I to wish upon these souls before we get our way, which to me is logically gonna be tough but less painfull and economicably feasible to the people of Scotland. How do we achieve that, twitter and faithbook are bubbled with us v them n too much agreeing with like minded, get outta there, we still need keyboard warriors but word of mouth outside the bubbble is a must NOW ! – TV ! – Newspapers ! are evidently untrustworthy avenues, God knows what where or how but we need a broader plan, i’m geared up, got my plan of action come the day but realise there’s a lotta Mrs Smiths ‘n Brians out there that aint gonna shift, but one things for sure if Brian wants anymore DIY needing done it’ll cost him from now on… i deal with servicing thousands of OAPs properties in Tayside, Angus & Fife on a yearly basis, come the day not one of them will be spared making my usual cuppae – typical gossiping painter.- will be like bringing lambs to the slaughter 🙂

  12. Patrick Prosser

    It is a gamble we must take. But we should not be doing this because “we want to stay in the EU”. That is the wrong argument. By mid-year 2017 the EU will be utterly toxic. I want a referendum because we need independence. The argument must be that we are not living in a democracy when part of UK, and Brexit demonstrates this (along with many other examples). We need freedom to make our own decisions.

  13. Craig Donaldson

    But since Perth & Kinross voted No and the SNP declared that “No part of the country should be ripped from the Union against its will”, Scotland maintained its place in the UK.

  14. thinfourth

    And we can wave our flags with pride

    It is only YOONs who care about having a stable currency

    Because YOONs are greedy SCUM

  15. willie ross

    Surely if this fantasy did come true, we would have to have a THIRD referendum. Best out of three and all that. Or is it the case that if the SNP do win, that must be the final word of the Scottish people. Not very democratic. But then SNP don’t rate very highly in the democracy stakes.

    1. Colin Todd

      Independence is not about the SNP, it’s about what is best for Scotland. Having said that, the SNP have been overwhelmingly voted into power for over 10 years on a mandate od pursuing a better future for Scotland through Independence. The SNP will never decide the question of Independence, they will, however, offer the people of Scotland the opportunity to vote for or against a better future, that is, democracy.

    2. Jill Parton

      The Late Margo McDonald put it beautifully when she said that she’d be delighted if the first elected Scottish Parliament was full of independent MSPs. No parties allowed. They would then have to work together on what is best for Scotland not party.

      A YES vote is not a vote for a never ending SNP government. It will be a vote for new centre, left and right leaning parties with no link whatsoever to London based parties. They have no place in a new Scottish government.

    3. Rory Winter

      Typical misinformation, Mr Ross. Scotland’s independence is way above all party politics. And you don’t give up until you’re there. So enough b******ks.

    4. Alan Bradd

      Proportional representation less democratic than first past the post & noses into the trough system? I don’t think so.

  16. Ruall Bret Tania

    Then after rendering your underpants into a sticky mess you woke up. The separatist’s wet dream. This fantastical nonsense would be funny if your sheep didn’t believe it to be possible. Furthermore, has the definition of independence changed? Surely wishing to be a full member of the EU contradicts what it means to be independent.


      Clearly seen your a Unionist, okay clever clogs, answer me this, WHAT BENEFITS DOES SCOTLAND GET STAYING IN YER UNION?

    2. Robert Graham

      separatists ? nope normal people , you know just like the rest of the world , question name one just one country that England used to govern who would like to return to English rule , eh waiting .

  17. Steven William

    This reads so much like an SNP fan fiction i was expecting scotland to marry the hottest guy in school at the end of it. You are an MP, not a journalist or a Psephologist, and it shows in this. If you wrote this in your spare time, fair enough, but if you wrote this at work you owe the people or Perth and North Pethshire an extra half an hour of your time at your next surgery.

    1. Robert Graham

      eh this Union how exactly does it benefit Scots ? answers on the back of a postage stamp please that would be enough space .

  18. Rory Winter

    A great article. But the elephant in the living room is the danger of another rigged referendum. Inexplicably, the postal votes scandal as well as the other allegations of rigging have so far gone ignored and the Scottish Government propose an almost identical re-run of balloting procedures.

    The least that the SG could have asked for is that the OSCE/ODHIR be requested to inspect the ballot procedures. I do not see the UK’s Deep State allowing Scotland go free of its present incarceration without a host of new dirty tricks including more rigging.

    1. Robert Graham

      agreed the sight of ballot boxes arriving at the count in Glasgow in vans , private cars etc , was well a bit questionable , who were the drivers? , where did they come from ? did they stop during their journey , it was there for all to see ,even the fruit market and supermarkets have a better system for deliveries .
      Maybe this time Ruthie will be kept well away from any ballot papers .

  19. Jill Parton

    Roll on Autumn 2018, it can’t come soon enough.


    There is a large proportion of the previous NO vote who will never change their minds. We can just ignore them. Unfortunately there is quite a proportion of previous YES voters who are so anti-EU that they can’t see the bigger picture. I find it very worrying that they find 20+ years of Tories at Westminster preferable to EU.

    The proportion of previous NO voters, who were really Not Yet, will still take a bit of persuading. They are not yet desperate for something more real. But they are getting there without us having to do anything other than be there when they see the light.

    I’ve said for a long time that #indyref2 will be won by Westminster or our behalf. All we have to do is sit back and watch them pull themselves apart. They are actually doing it so much more successfully than I had expected. Though we still have a way to go until it will be time to jump.

    It is my sincere belief that once Article 50 is triggered we will see just how willing EU are to toe the Tory line. Or that should probably say UNwilling. They will make Brexit as difficult as possible. It is the only way they might avoid other countries deciding to trigger A50 too.

    Before the 2 year A50 period has even got going there will be elections in France and Germany. That will put a whole new face on EU. And let’s not forget #PresidentBawBag. The closer Theresa May gets to him the more the Not Yet voters will be forced to consider their response.

    Now is not the time to push #indyref2. The Not Yet voters have not yet experienced the real fall out from Brexit and Trump, and they need to do that before they will change their minds. Our campaigning in 2013/14 wasn’t good enough. It will be this time because it will have to be. There will be no 3rd chances in my lifetime. No amount of literature or campaigning will show the real threats from London and Washington. So we have to wait until London and Washington show themselves to be the threat. They are pointing in the right direction. Just let them get on with it.

    Prepare carefully for the day we will need to jump. It may not come with much advanced warning, but we need to be armed with all the necessary information. It’ll be a short campaign period I suspect, because London and Washington will have done and said it all for us.

    Keep calm! Breathe deeply! and Have patience!

    It’ll be worth it in the end.

    1. Colin Todd

      I believe there has been some talk about a Norwegian style arrangement with the EU. If that is a feasible option, I think we should be making this ‘intention’ far more visible, as early as possible. It avoids the problem of how people voted in the In-Out referendum and enables a smooth transaction (without any Spanish veto danger), to full access to UK, EU and World trade, it should also bring all the fishing industry on board.

      We should also be using some of the tactics used by bitter together last time. We know that the people to be convinced, that it’s not a safe option to stay in the Union, are the older generation. Tell them (in this case, the truth) they will not get a pension at 65 and may have to wait until they are 70, if they live long enough to collect, at all.

      Tell them that the Tories have handed over £30billion NHS contracts to companies who don’t even pay tax in the UK. Point to the UK’s intention to do a ‘Deal’ with Trump. What does the UK have to offer in return for a good trade deal – The NHS, Fracking?

      Private Healthcare for an average family of 2 adults and 2 children would cost between £300 and £400 a month if the NHS is privatised, which is obviously what the Tories are currently doing, while running the service into the ground, in preparation for public acceptance of privatisation, as the only option.

      We have the evidence of Tory Rule, austerity, attacking the vulnerable, attacking the disabled and pensioners, while protecting and building the wealth of multinationals and the bankers.

      Tell these people, the Human Rights which they currently enjoy will be ripped up and re-written by the Tories who have shown exactly what degree of concern they have for the rights of pensioners, disabled and vulnerable. I Daniel Blake just won a Grammy for highlighting the atrocious treatment of our vulnerable people.

      We need to have major export companies stating clearly that if they are dragged out of the single market, profits would be lost and so too will thousands of jobs.

      Fear is what motivates people to vote, far more than warm words and the promise of a bright future.

      The people of Scotland have a choice with only two options:

      20 years of Tory Rule: The Tories have failed to meet every single target set by themselves since coming into power, they have broken every promise made and they have all but bankrupted the UK. Hard Brexit will destroy all sectors of business and will result in lower wages and job losses, the Banks will indeed move away, from the UK, Fuel and therefore, everything else will cost more, it will hit people in the pocket and the Tories will continue to tell them, they have a long term plan.

      Independence: Scotland is a vastly wealthy country with numerous revenue streams, far more than any other recently independent country. We lead Europe in Renewable Energy Targets, have built 27 new hospitals to ensure our NHS is not in crisis and is operating near to the 95% target required. Our fair and balanced approach to everyone living in Scotland is the opposite of the austerity and punishments dealt out by a draconian Westminster, full of self-wealth seeking old school pals who lie every time they open their mouths. They have persistently shown their complete disregard for Scotland and that will only get worse, should Indyref2 fail. It simply can not fail, we must get this right, for our country, for our people, for our children.

      1. Jill Parton

        Colin, we are on the same page here. All of these things are what will make the Not Yet voters change to YES.

        But how do we get this information to them? Not via MSM as they are mostly still unionist. The Not Yetters have to see for themselves.

        We have just over 2 years till Brexit. Unfortunately, I feel we have to actually let the realities of Brexit sink in before we jump. We have to at least wait until we get the initial reaction from EU, then MSM can begin to work their magic. We don’t know what we are fighting against until A50 begins to show results.

        Until then we get ready. We get our figures straight. We work on the difference to GDP of whisky being exported from a Scottish port and from an english one. We work on the importance of renewables to the whole of the EU, not just UK. We work on how much EU funding will be lost and not replaced by Westminster.

        But, until we know the EU reaction to A50 we don’t quite know what we are fighting against or fighting to keep. We can only guess at the moment.

        Nicola is a wise woman. She knows what’s going on behind the scenes. She knows when will be the optimum time to announce #indy2, and I am 100% certain it won’t be until well after A50 is triggered.

        Keep calm! Breathe in! Have faith!

  20. ealabhan

    LIke it. But I have one concern. The English establishment have an knack of sucking opposition into their way of things and neutralising opposition. I just hope that the SNP cohort at Westminster retain their SNP credentials and don’t go native and think that Westminster is the be-all and end-all. Fortunately, I can’t see any SNP MPs being called into Government.

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  22. Yonloonstott

    Hopefully we can gain Independence soon, even if Scotland somehow vote No the next time we get the vote I believe English Nationalism will evolve and we will eventually get the boot out of The Union anyway.

  23. citpoliraka

    My brother recommended I may like this web site. He was once totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

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